Golfers Love Chiropractic

The Aug. 17 2000 release on PRNewswire reported a story about professional golfers using chiropractic consistently. Dr. Tom La Fountain is a chiropractor who travels with the PGA tour and regularly provides chiropractic for the pros. Dr. La Fountain reports that as much as 85 % of the injuries on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour relate to the spine, and about 70 to 75 % of such golfers receive regular chiropractic care.

The August 21, 2000 publication of the Salt Lake Tribune reported that senior pro golfer, Doug Tewell was delayed entering the Senior PGA tour because of spinal problems. Tewell injured his back while playing a round of golf together with his son in Oklahoma. The injury kept him in bed for 3 days and required utilizing a walker for 2 weeks. On the recomendation of fellow pro Bob Tway, Tewell made a decision to see a chiropractor. His comments in the Tribune article summed up his reactions, "the most incredible thing, just a couple of little jerks," Tewell said. "I thought I'd met Oral Roberts."

Professional women golfers also utilize chiropractic. Dr. David E. Stude, a chiropractor and associate professor and faculty clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University, lectures across the nation with Lisa Masters, an LPGA golf pro, emphasizing the value of chiropractic care for golfers. Dr. Stude states, "Normally, each vertebra in the spine moves independently a certain number of degrees when our entire body is involved in an activity. In the event that is not happening, for instance, if two or more segments move as a whole unit, rather than moving independently, it can lead to one kind of vertebral mechanical dysfunction."

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